Our site is designed to allow students and program administrators to fully manage their State Seal of Civic Engagement process, starting with California.  We are a community-centered platform that encourages open sharing/contribution of information and is free to use.

Students can currently use our platform to create an application, request recommendations/transcripts, track recommendation progress, and journal their project progress.

If a student wants to bring the State Seal of Civic Engagement to their school or district, please find the appropriate adult coordinator and have them contact us at info@civicseal.org.

In the future, students can use this platform to contribute their project ideas, processes, and knowledge about the different SSCE programs developing at each school/school district, including the latest administrator contact information and application process.  We’d like to become a “common app” for civic seal implementations including outside of California.

For program administrators, our platform can be the tool to manage your SSCE program.  We want to work with each education partner to help take care of the technology, so you can focus on doing the important work.  If you need more comprehensive consulting services, we can also assist with that.  Please email info@civicseal.org.